Trucking is for Everyone- Especially women

Did you know that in the past 4 years, the number of women as professional drivers has nearly doubled from 2018?

That's right, the amount of women who become professional drivers has increased from 7.9% in 2018 to 14% in 2022 and this is not even including other roles in the trucking industry, such as dispatchers and safety roles, which now are made up of 40% women. Women have really have paved a path in trucking, once thought to be a male-only profession, but thanks to women throughout history, there is a path for all genders to take part in this lucrative business.
Safety standards have gone up with new vehicles which is a major want for many women, because this includes automatic transmissions and adjustments to fit different types of bodies, as well as other safety features, including video and radar for safety.

It doesn't end there though for safety. Several organizations, such as Women in Trucking, have made strides in protecting women from harrassment. They have called for better safety protocols for reporting harrassment as well as mandatory teaching about harrassment. In addition to those pushes, Women in Training also can teach you self defense and can connect you with a mentor as well.

On the road, there are now more female showers and bathrooms at truckstops, which allows you to have the same comforts as the men. There are also several networks of female truck drivers to connect to online so you can talk to people who have similar experiences.

There is always room for women to join trucking. It can allow for more independence and adventure, all while supporting our economy and helping to help transport important deliveries, like food and medicine, to places across the country.