How to Communicate with Your Dispatcher

If you just graduated from ACE CDL and now are on to your first job as a full blow CDL trucker, then you are probably dealing with a dispatcher. A dispatcher helps the freight you are pulling get from A to B. They help streamline the journey to minimize downtime, but this can lead to scuffles with the driver. As the dispatcher often has not been a driver and the driver has not been a dispatcher, here are some tips to help you manage this relationship so you can keep your calm as you travel.

The number one tip will be Do Not Argue. If there is a disagreement, calmly talk about it with them to make sure you both are on the same page.

Remember, you are the one on the road so ultimately you set the schedule. If it seems like an unrealistic route or if you are worried about any safety issues, then let them know. See if you can find a solution. If the dispatcher is refusing to listen and it is a matter of safety, then talk to your safety supervisor, because no drive is worth your life. While we are on this topic, make sure not to make promises you cannot keep. It can lead to distrust and it may put you in bad situations as well so it is just not worth the risk.

Ask for feedback. Keep those lines of communication open by giving input on what you need to be successful from them while asking what they need from you. This allows both of you to improve and it keeps the relationship strong which is great because you will be talking to your dispatcher quite often.

Remember to be understanding. The dispatcher is dealing with many different obstacles than you are dealing with and vice versa. Often times, disgreements come up from not realizing the different environments, so remember, try to walk a mile in their shoes to maintain a good relationship.

Build trust with one another. You two are a team and a team is built on trust, make sure you communicate frequently. Respect one another and respect each other's jobs as well.

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