How to Get Used To Truck Driving

If you're a new truck driver, then you may be wondering: how do I get used to it? What changes?

First thing: When backing up, if you are at all unsure, remember GOAL. That means Get Out and Look. It can take time to learn *exactly* how the truck moves especially backing up, and it is always important to be fully sure.

DO NOT RUSH: Safety is more important than anything else- even deadlines. It is important to meet your deadlines, yes, but you need to be safe to. Accidents can make or break your career.

Get Enough Rest: This may include finding a parking place before you are fully tired, because a groggy driver is a dangerous driver. Also, if you pull over early and leave early, you will have an easier time to find a parking spot.

Do a Pre-Trip Check: Check everything from tires to brakes to the fifth wheel. This si to ensure that there are no issues before you leave so you are not taken off guard.

If you are sleeping in your truck, make it comfortable: This may mean getting good sheets or a mattress topper, but it can also mean doing things like getting a sleeping mask or earplugs to make sure you can get the best sleep you can.

Remain calm: try to stay collected and look at your surroundings. This can keep you and the people around you safe.

Always track what your trailer is doing: Make sure it is not leaving the road or going outside of the lines because if it does, that can spell disaster.

One last thing, if you are becoming a truck driver, thank you for helping our economy. The country literally cannot work without you. I hope you have many pleasant, easy journeys along your way as you prepare to leave your CDL training with us.