Truck Safety: Important for everyone


It is easy to get in to a habit when you're on the roads for hours at a time but safety is always an important reminder. Here are some things to keep in mind to keep you and people around you safe.


1. ALWAYS check your mirrors. According to the FMCSA, checking your mirrors every 8-10 seconds is extremely important to make sure there are no cars in our blind spots and so you can be aware of everything around you which keeps you and the people around you safe. It can be easy to zone out and not look around, but just remember to keep looking to make sure everything is alright and there are no hazards.

2. Make sure you can get to the delivery spot before you pull up to it. Park away from it and make sure you can approach the area by walking to it on foot if possible. Note where the hazards are and be sure you can leave safely as well.
3. Try to not change lanes often. Cars can go around you without you noticing and probably will as well. Staying in one lane can keep you from a collision and if you have to change lanes, signal and carefully change lanes making extra sure there is no one in your blind spots.

4.Take breaks and check your load as well as any issues with the truck. Keep an eye out for soft tires or leaks. Get in a good stretch before you get back on the road so you can keep going for longer without stopping.

5. IT is easier to control a truck at slower speeds than high speeds. This means leaving room between you and the car in front of you and setting your cruise control under the speed limit. If road conditions are bad, then go slower.

On the road, safety is the top priority for you and everyone around you. Take every precaution you can so everyone can get home in the end.

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