How to ACE your CDL test

Taking the CDL tests can be hard. Making sure you ACE it is even harder. Here at ACE CDL learning institute, we want to make sure you know everything you need to know before you take the test. Here are some quick tips before you take your test.

  1. Study. A lot. Study outside of class and get a friend to help you study if you can. You can make flash cards or read and highlight important pieces of the CDL manual and use summaries of each section to make a study guide to look over before and the day of the test. Utilizing sites like quizlet can also be helpful as they can use your notes to make matching games. Pay attention in your ACE CDL classes and take notes. Review your notes at night. 
  2. Take multiple practice tests. There are several sites that allow you take practice tests close to what you will see on the test. Review any you’ve missed and go over them multiple times often.
  3. Ask questions during class. It keeps you engaged and makes sure you understand what you are going over so you will be a better driver once you get your license.
  4. Go to bed early and get enough sleep before the test. This one is pretty self explantory, but you cannot focus well without getting enough sleep, so go to bed early so you will be alert, awake and ready to go.

When it comes to the physical test, keep these in mind:

  1. Practice the basics. The goal should be to be so good at the basics that it is second nature so you can focus on whatever challenges the test throws at you. This also means to be sure to be aware of any little things that you may gloss over. Know your truck well and make sure you know how to control your truck as well as any techniques taught in class to do well.
  2. Stay focused. Don’t try to make friends with the evaluator. Keep your eyes open to make sure there are no hazards. MInimize distractions and turn your phone off.
  3. Stay calm. Act like you have done this a million times before. Be confident in your training and take a deep breath before getting into the cab. ACE CDL has prepared you for this moment. You can do this.