What can I do after getting my license?


Picture this: You have gone through your ACE CDL training course, you took your writing exam and aced it and then went on to blow your driving exam out of the water as well. You have done the hard part and now you’re wondering, what now? Here are some jobs you can do with your new license.

  1. Be a long distance driver. Our country depends on the distribution of goods to make our economy work, and drivers are in high demand to do this job. You would have the ability to travel our great nation while
  2. Become a local driver. Being a driver does not mean you always have to do long drives across the country, in fact, there are jobs for you right in your back yard. You could be taking products from one business to another or you could be delivering things like groceries to customers around town. The possibilities are endless.
  3. Own your own truck and become an independent operator. You don’t have to work for someone else if you’re a truck driver, you can also be your own boss and work for yourself. This means you can set your hours, choose your own jobs, and overall just have more flexibility.
  4. Work as a dispatcher. This one actually doesn’t involve driving, but does require a license. Being a dispatcher means that you will be deciding and coordinating jobs between the drivers, shippers, and receivers. This is a great job if you managing things or are incredibly detail oriented.

This is just the start of what your license can do for you. All it takes to unlock these doors is to get your CDL license. Luckily, with ACE CDL by your side, we will make sure you will have the skills needed to succeed at these jobs and any other CDL job you are interested in. All you have to do is register for your 5 week training course with us.