Trucks and Dogs: A Match Made in Heaven

Did you know that there are some companies that allow you to have an animal in the truck with you? It depends on the company, but it is possible! Having a dog can help decrease depression and stress and it allows you to have a buddy on the road! Here are some things to consider after you graduate from ACE CDL and want to get your own dog!

First, make sure your company allows dogs. They may have different requirements such as breeds or weight, or they may require a deposit. Once you know what is required then you can start getting things ready. Here's a list of what you may need.

1. Essentials Such as a Leash, Harness, and Tags. This includes things such as water, food, and a place to sleep as well.
2. Something to separate your dog from your peddles. This is just to help train them not to be on your side so you can continue to drive safely.

3. Seatbelt. There are several companies out there who make products that keep your dogs safe in cars and trucks.

Here are some other tips!

Take plenty of breaks, especially when you have a puppy.

Try crate training. It gives dogs a place they know is theirs and can keep them out of trouble.

Train with positive reinforcement. Reward good behaviors and it will curb any problem areas.

Keep all vaccination records on you in case you ever need it.

Dogs can be the perfect friend on the road and if you are allowed, then it could be an extremely rewarding experience too! If you are one of our old students and you have a dog accompanying you, send us a photo! We'd love to see it.