Podcasts for The Road

We get it. You are on the road for long hours, watching the trees pass by and the billboards for the 100th truck stop has already been passed. How do you spend that time? What about picking up a podcast? They're free and can be downloaded so if you go through an area without service, you can still keep up to date!

Non-Fiction Podcasts

My Favorite Murder- A famous podcast which features two female comedians, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, talk about a different crime every episode. Even with the dark material, Hardstark and Kilgariff still carry charisma through it all and some of the crimes they discuss are not well known either, so you will probably learn a new story as well!

Ridiculous History- Did you know that Napoleon got attacked by rabbits? How about a German submarine who that went under because of a toilet? All these stories and more from the show Ridiculous History hosted by Ben Bowlin and Noel Brown.

TalkCDL Trucking Podcast- This is YOUR place for all things trucking. It covers everything from new trucking laws to everyday life for a trucker.

Serial- If you have never listened to this famous podcast, then this is your sign. The first season follows Sarah Koenig as she investigates the case of Adnan Syed, a man accused of killing his girlfriend in the 90s. It is super engaging, as Sarah takes you through this town filled with lies and perspectives. (FYI- there has been an update in the case since this show first came out, but I won't give away anything)

Fiction Podcasts

The Bright Sessions- This podcast takes place in therapist's office... except all of her clients have superpowers. This series is engaging to the end with many twists and turns, so if you like stories that unfold and become bigger they you can ever imagine, then this one is for you!

Welcome to Night Vale- One of the first fictional podcasts to really take off, this darkly funny podcast follows a radio show that takes place in a small desert town filled with strange citizens, such as a floating cat and a floating glow cloud who is very active in the town's PTO. There are over 100 episodes and several arcs as well as multiple live recordings and books so if you fall in love, you will never run out of content to consume!

Harley Quinn and The Joker: Sound Mind- One of many superhero podcasts out now, this one follows a more fleshed out story about the psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel, as she supports her dad by working at the Arkham Aslyum where she meets The Joker and pulls her down into his madness.

What are some of your favorite podcasts for on the road? Tell us below!