Three Must See Attractions as a Truck Driver

Need a small break along your journey after you graduate from us? Here are three places listed that have truck parking accross multiple states!

The Bass Pro Shop Pyramid in Memphis, TN- The ever so awe inspiring, and goofy, pyramid with a Bass Pro Shop, which also has truck parking. This is one of the most popular attractions in Tennessee with several water features, a bowling alley, and a restaurant as well. Want to go to the top? It is only 10 dollars to do that!

The Cadillac Ranch in Armarillo, TX- Located on Route 66, this classic roadside attraction features several older models of cadillacs covered in graffiti. Fun fact: did you know that the Ranch has been around since the 70s? You can also add to the graffiti if you want! Check it out and be sure to get pictures!

Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska- Created by Jim Reiders in 1987, this funny little recreation of Stonehenge in Nebraska has been a classic staple for years. It also has expanded, there are several car art pieces as well next to Carhenge. If you go by Nebraska on your journeys, be sure to get a picture of this landmark!


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