Why Trucking?

There are several truckers who already love what they do, but if you're here and looking to get your cdl, then you may be wondering, why should I be a trucker? Well, let's break down some of the benefits.

1. Freedom- A lot of long time truckers have stated that they love the freedom that comes with a job. Truckers often cite that they like the freedom from office politics, making your own plans for how you are going to drive to a destination, and being able to interact with people on your own time as reasons they love to be a trucker.

2. Adventure- Truckers also love seeing the world from their truck. You can see so much of the United States, including places you have never thought about.

3. Good Pay and Benefits- Many truckers are paid a good salary that can range from 40,000 - 70,000. Many companies also offer benefits that can include good health insurance and other incentives as well.

4. Improving Industry- Drastic changes have been made in recent years to make the trucker life more comfortable. This can range from the truck itself to even the community of truckers available online. Seats are more comfortable and there are better ways to find good routes, and things are continuing to improve still!